Laughing Gravy Studios emphasizes, analyzes, and debates the role of the architect/citizen as cultural communicator and builder responsive to societal, cultural, and environmental challenges. Laughing Gravy Studios provides design services with an emphasis on high performance buildings. Every project is an investigation, a process that is influenced by functional, technological and aesthetic factors. Ultimately, we are inspired by the conviction that architecture achieved through this process has the power to positively impact peoples lives in every sense of the word--physically, mentally and spiritually.

At Laughing Gravy Studios, the process by which we collaborate with our clients to achieve their design is as important as the end result. The ability to listen well--without preconceptions--and communicate clearly are perhaps our most important tools. The capacity to listen well, think carefully and work hard throughout the project is a deceptively simple means to an extraordinary end result: creativity itself. Within the framework, our design approach centers on three overlapping issues: the intelligent use of the site, the creative resolution of the client's program, and the concern for the client's budget and schedule. Intertwined with the creative resolution of these pragmatic issues is the less tangible yet equally important goal of producing an attractive project that reflects our client's aspirations and is a fitting structure for the larger community. While good design is often associated merely with appearance, we strongly believe it is imperative that architecture innovate, synthesize and reflect larger ideas and convey meaning to the user and society. We are also committed to the principle that buildings should be responsible contributions to the environment. We are ultimately inspired by the conviction that architecture achieve through this process is humane and timeless.

We believe economic feasibility and ecological responsibility are two halves of a holistic sustainable design strategy. Our commitment is to seek out the nexus between building, site, budget and environment. As a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), we are versed in the council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. We provide our clients with:

  • Leadership in LEED design and documentation
  • Coordination with utility companies through the Saving By Design program
  • Whole Building analysis
  • Sustainable project planning and feasibility studies
  • Sustainable master planning
  • Energy modeling
  • Green team building and design charettes
  • Site analysis and daylighting studies

Cole Butler, imagination director and architect is certified through the US Green Building Council as LEED Accredited Professional. Cole is a registered architect in California and Nevada. She was the founding President of the Sierra Green Building Association (501c3) , and has served as Planning Commissioner for the Town of Truckee as well as having held a leadership role in the Truckee Green Building Committee.

”Our life itself is the results of all our efforts hinging on the quality of our intentions. When we contemplate the imponderable and rejoice in participation with the planet rather than conquest, creative efforts becomes a service to others.”